Clark Construction is a firm of 50 dedicated, loyal, and innovative craftspeople who approach every job with passion and artistry. Their love of old-world detailing and modern methodologies as well as their receptivity to new ideas makes them a team who will use every skill at their disposal to create the best for their clients. 

Erhan Secilmis


Erhan Secilmis has a BA from St. Francis College in Brooklyn. His construction career started with hands-on carpentry skills in the New York City area. He has worked in the Construction business in Manhattan for 18 years, most of which have been with Clark Construction. He has worked on high end residential and commercial projects such as townhouses, apartments, and penthouses. Erhan’s unique range includes the ability to understand drawings in any phase of development from conceptual through final working drawings. He excels at sub-contractor negotiations, estimating means and methods, scheduling, coordination, construction accounting, estimating, pre-construction services, contract negotiating, and value engineering. 

A first generation American of Turkish descent, Erhan embraces the intricate and old-world skills craftsmen around the world have employed for centuries. By taking these aesthetic and structural skills into the modern world, he is training a new generation of craftsmen who build using the extraordinary skills necessary for the best quality homes. Erhan is guiding Clark Construction into ever better and more efficient means and methods and through his dedication to always doing what’s right for his clients, Clark Construction will continue to build to the highest standards. As a father first and foremost, he wants his children to thrive in a city where anything is possible through hard work, dedication, and honesty.